SL-669 Hydrophilic PU Foaming Water-Sealing agent

Detailed Product Description

1. Single-Liquid

2. Density:more than 1g/cm3

3. Sticky degree: less than 1000 mpa.s

SL-669 Hydrophilic PU Foaming Water-Sealing agent

Product Description

Single-liquid model, simple construction, hydrophilic, when going through water, emulsification and swelling can be combined with (gravel, sand, cement.), into the layer which can seal and cracks in the wall, swelling coefficient reaches 12 times, if swelling has not been complete, make it go through water to produce swelling for the second time with elasticity, it is hard to wipe and wash solution on the surface.

Construction location

Tunnel, cracks, basement, ceiling, frame of windows, reservoir and so on.


1. Filling cracks in the concrete

2. Water-sealing

3. Filling wed joint cracks

When injecting the crack in the hydraulic type of groundwater flow, can be together with the catalyst. After that, it can form foam within 3 seconds and be fully expanded & solidified after mixing with water for 2 minutes.


1. When going through water, it will immediately swell due to chemical reaction.

2. Low swell ratio, high toughness.

3. High sticky& good property of resistant- chemical

4. Non-toxicity after the reaction

5. Being able to resist drinking water, sea water, waste water and so on.


SL-669 is used for improving the floor, such as sand layer easy to collapse, so firstly injecting SL-669 completely mixing & solidified with the sand to form the elastic colloid, avoiding to collapse. SL-669 is single-liquid polyurethane hydrophilicity foaming and can rapid swell when going through water so as to block the cracks up to the purpose of water-sealing. Also, it can be together with low catalyst. You can regulate the speed of foaming according to requirements of construction to leak stoppage. Besides, SL-669 forms the colloid when going through water, which has the function of leak stoppage & filling cracks. SL-669 is mixed with water at the proportion of 1:1, 1:5, even 1: 12.


1. It has low sticky degree, so doesn’t lead to blocking due to the improvement of sticky degree inside coating pipe. Also, it has easy construction & good operation.

2. It has good water-soluble, so don’t result in the residual water exited in cracks which will destroy the foaming for a long time, finally leading to secondary water leakage.

3. It finishes the solidification when going through water after 20-120 seconds.

4. It has good stability and don’t go bad during the construction after opening the seal. Also, it can keep in reserve, without deteriorating, for half a year before breaking the sea.

5. It has well sticky with concrete and good colloidality, no delaminating with concrete.

6. It doesn’t affect the physical property of the foaming when going through mete-acid, sea water and so on.

7. It has a long-time water resistance, strong structure & high toughness.

Physical property



 Light yellow to brown transparent liquid


 more than 1.00 g/cm3

 Sticky degree

 less than 1000 mpa.s

 The times of absorbing water

 more than 10-40


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