SL-668 Hydrophobic one-component polyurethane resin water-stop agent

Detailed Product Description

1. High-expansivity

2. Expand with water

3. Superior adhesion

4. No shrink, non-toxic

SL-668 Hydrophobic one-component polyurethane resin water-stop agent


Single-liquid type with simple construction, hydrophobic, non-chlorine ions

Also, it can be rapid expansion up to 25 times (max) after mixing with water, no shrinkage and can be completely filling cracks and pores. Besides, it don’t damage or corrode steel reinforcement in RC structure and is easy to remove the spillage on the surface after the completion of the construction.


Leak stoppage for continuous wall in the basement / secondary joints, cracks of RC structural, small holes, tunnel, subway, box culvert, wall, etc.


Drilling at the water seepage, locking the needle, putting the medicament into the cup & start the power switch, extruding residual cleaning agents or lubricants inside the cup and straw until spraying up the medicament, and then inserting the needle & injecting the medicament into the body for leak stoppage, stopping infusion when the medicament spraying from the surface of body

The effect is better to inject continuously 2 to 3 times.


1. The mixed ratio between water-sealing & water, the temperature and the external environment will affect the time & strength of coagulation of body. The amount of water is direct proportional to the time of coagulation, inverse proportional to the strength of and the temperature is inverse proportional to the time of coagulation, direct proportional to the strength of.  Thus, you may do a simple test before usage in order to develop the maximum effect of the product.

2. The swell body after hardening can resist weak acid, weak base, suitable for asphalt filling material, water-sealing material and concrete c etc. 

3. Single-liquid type sealing agent, if used for a place below the water table, because of too much water, it will be worried about the phenomenon of water residues of over-saturation, resulting in poor sealing effect and can continue to inject the second ~ third perfusion after the first injection foaming.

4. When injecting the cracks caused by the pressure type groundwater flow, can be together with the catalyst. After that, it can form foam within 3 seconds and be fully expanded & solidified after mixing with water for 10 minutes.

Physical property

Appearance: brown transparent liquid

Density:More than 1.05g/cm3

Sticky degree: less than 1.0 x 103 mpa.s

Foaming rate: more than 1000%

Time of solidification: Less than 800s

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